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Indians' Current Depth Chart

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About The Site

Bring Back Boudreau was hatched in October, 2009 after several years of writing for a variety of sources in both the print and internet media. The mission here at 3B is fairly simple: create a site in which I can express my relatively imperfect opinions about the baseball team that I've followed since birth. One of my very first memories was attending a double header at the stadium with my father during 70's. I dont' remember much about the game, but I do remember an older gentleman sitting in front of my family, wearing a Yankee hat. It bothered me enough that by the third inning of the game against those Yankees, I began throwing peanuts at his head.

I was four and expressing my opinion about not only the Indians, but the teams they would be playing. I've spent every year since then attempting to do that very thing.

This site isn't intended to take over the world, or open up some sort of dream job with I'm not trying to take on writers and become some sort of super hub. I'm not trying to break stories, or beat others to the punch. That's not my intent at all.

Instead, I want to create a place where some Indians fans, haters or anyone in between can come and talk about the team I've followed since birth. Call it the watering hole for Tribe fans. Check out my opinions, and leave your own.

As far as my take about this club? Truth be told, it changes from day-to-day, and week-to-week. I generally feel the same way about a player, manager or owner after five years, as I do the second I lay eyes on them. Allowing myself to drop the hammer on Travis Hafner has been difficult. Liking Eric Wedge in 2007 was equally as difficult I wanted him gone so bad. Cliff Lee won the Cy Young award, and I was still thinking about the time he snubbed me about ten times for an autograph when he was in the minors. I kept thinking, "what a freakin' attitude."

My point is that I'm not going to wrap up my thinking in Sabermetrics because it ISN'T the entirety of the game. I was talking to a scout in Kinston this year and he said, "if we just used saber-stats, why would we play the game to begin with?" We're baseball fans and stats are always important, but people are taking away the feel of the game.

What made the Indians in the 1990's so good? They could hit a ton for sure, and they were some warped version of The Waltons. There was something that connected that team, and it wasn't just the numbers.

I'm also not planning on regurgitating other posts from bloggers and newspapers around the Indians internet world. Sure, I'll use the print media for some cold, hard facts, and I'll occasionally berate another writer for being off point, but I'm not here to be a hub for what others say. Hopefully, I'll be able to create some unique content, that may even make some sense.

I bleed Cleveland, and plan on writing from that area in and around the heart that elicits the shredding of a newspaper article the other day hammering the Indians for discarding Lee and Sabathia. I was listening to some idiot talk about how the Indians got return for those two guys, so we can't be angry. My gut reaction was to pop him in the face. My only concern involves three words:


If that means banking on players knowing we'll suck the following year, who cares. The point, I thought, was to win, not to dump players in hopes to get production until we can trade them right before we're ready to contend. I'd rather lose 100 games every year trying to get to the series, then trade guys with more than a year on their deals...but I'm off topic. Let's get back on point.

If I'm doing my job, we can laugh some together, stand up on our chairs and scream when we the good things happen, and hurl our computer monitors through the window when they don't.

Why 'Bring Back Boudreau?' Lou Boudreau has always been an icon to me, even though I never saw him play live (or come close). My Dad told me about a guy who managed from the time most of these guys today just barely make it to the majors. He played shortstop, one of the most demanding positions in the game, and often carred a very good Indians team on his back. My Dad often compares Derek Jeter to the Cleveland Icon. No, he isn't going to hit 40 homers, but boy could he beat you every other way.

And of course...Boudreau was the main cog in what has become the last World Series Champion in Cleveland. Can we get there again?...Can we 'Bring Back Boudreau?"

About Me

I was born in Cleveland, and I've lived on and off in the Forest City my whole life. The Cleveland Indians are my sporting passion, even though rooting for the Indians has been akin to walking on glass for the better part of my lifetime.

My first memories of the Tribe is rooted with the likes of Charlie Spikes, "Thunder" Thornton, Duane Kuiper, Rick Manning and the great Buddy Bell. My Tribe loyalties were tested when he was dealt to the Rangers for Toby Harrah (Part 1 of why I despise the Rangers, and no offense Toby, but you were always the junk to me as well).

I looked to the sky's for Super Joe, fell asleep watching Mike Hargrove between swings, chanted JJJUUUULLLLIIIOOO with the other hundred or so fans at the game, nearly won 20 with Blyleven, nearly went .500 in 1986 before losing 100 in 1987 (I loathe you SI). I counted to 30 with Joe Carter the same year I tried to equate Oddibe (young again) McDowell and Jerry Brown into a Franco (Part 2 of my hate for the Rangers, and I didn't feel so young). I waited for Swindell to be Clemens, and Candiotti to be Niekro (they weren't, but fought the good fight anyways). I said goodbye to Joe Carter, and hello to Sandy and Carlos. I witnessed a Belle toll, ate some cheese with Sorrento, waited for Mark Lewis and stole some bases with Lofton. I said goodbye to Tim Crews, Steve Olin and Municipal Stadium, and hello to Jacobs Field, Omar Vizquel (bye El Gato), Eddie Murray, Dennis Martinez, Jack Morris and Orel Hershiser.

Ahhh, the magic of 1995, with a team that won 100 games out of 144. The incredible series with the Seattle Mariners, and it's true, "Long haired freaky people need NOT apply" Big Unit. Nagy and Ogea and Black and Mesa anchored the staff that was never quite good enough to go the distance. I said goodbye to Lofton and hello to Halle, and...oh yeah, David Justice and Marquis Grisson. Matt Williams brought his prodigious swing to Cleveland, moving a guy named Thome to first base. This came after the Belle ditched the only city that loved him, and to make it worse, to the hated White Sox.

Oh, the improbable run in 1997, that saw the Indians come less than an inning away from the promised land...

It's been a blur since then. Lofton returned and left and returned and left get the picture. Robbie Alomar made a visit, but lost the joy of playing. Manny had long since emerged as an offensive juggernaut, batting .333 with 44 dingers and 165 RBI. Then he left the reservation for the big green monster in Boston, leaving a city convinced their time would never come.

Williams left for family, and brought us Fryman. Jaret Wright fizzled after 1995, but Colon didn't. Eric Plunk somehow managed to always make the club. Giles made his mark and Burba started a revolution.

2001 was the last hurrah, with Grover Gone, and Charlie saying hello. Marty Cardova, Ellis Burks and JuanGone made brief and spectacular visits to Cleveland. Some kid named Sabathia made his debut.

The past eight years have been a roller coaster ride, with goodbyes to Colon and Thome, and hellos to Coco and Peralta and Sizemore and Davis and VMart and Hafner and Blake and Westbrook. Wickman made my hair fall out, and Tadano made me laugh and cringe a bit. I've waited for the Atom, and some kid named Marte. I've fluttered with Byrd, and still wonder how a guy I can throw harder than won as much as he did, and took steroids. Does that mean his pitches would have gone backwards without it?

2007 brought the Indians to the cusp, when Cy you CC and out of nowhere Carmona disappeared, and the Red Sox hit everything. There was Manny, beating the Tribe. I'm sure there's irony there, but even thinking about it makes my head hurt.

Post 2007 has been nothing but agony. Wedge went from Manager of the Year, to looking for a job in 2009. Cy Young CC is the ace for the Yankees, and Cy Young Lee is pitching for the Phillies. They may both be pitching against each other in the World Series. Yeah, I'm sure there is irony there as well.

The Indians are currently manager-less, and devoid of any veteran leadership. I'm left to wonder if we're about to embark on another run in the Curse of Rocky era, or whether or not I'm standing at the beginning of another 90's era.

I'm not sure what is worse, the teams that were second division losers, or the Indians that were a breath away to that elusive title. Perhaps they are all the same...


Now my Tribe passion has gone from a Shoreman to a Buckeye to a married Ohioan with two kids...

and yes...I've passed the obsession on to my hapless children.

What have I done.