Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Tribe Treading Winter Meeting Waters

Fox Sports is reporting that Cleveland and reliever Joe Borowski are "close to signing." There is no report as of yet on any site or radio or TV broadcast that I've seen that are saying anything about Borowski's Tuesday morning physical, but my guess is that he "passed." It's funny how the Phillies can have major concerns, but two weeks later, Cleveland doesn't. If the rumors are true, and Borowski pitched with arm and shoulder soreness during the second half of the season last year, combined with Tommy John surgery, than I just can't imagine signing him. The bet from this blog is that they nab him to that 1 year, 4 million dollar deal we've all heard about, then make one more reliever trade or signing. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dotel over here as well. I'd rather see if there's a deal to be had, but I'd throw a bit of money at Gagne. If he's healthy, and that's a big if, then he could be a slam dunk. We shall see, as all of these players are big risks.

Cleveland is in the mix for Eric Gagne, by the way. Not sure how interested, but they are definately talking.

Cleveland has signed on to play in the inaugural Civil Rights game to honor the Civil Rights Movement in Memphis on March 31. Cleveland was selected because of their historic place in MLB in integrating the game. For those born in a closet, Cleveland signed Larry Doby, and he became the first black man to play in an American League game. Cleveland also hired the first black manager in 1975, when they hired Frank Robinson. It is a HUGE honor to play in this game, and I should look at the bigger picture, but didn't Cleveland learn from last year that playing a series of games on their way from Florida doesn't pay off? Cleveland will play the Cardinals, who's AAA club is located in Memphis.

In an interesting note from Paul Hoynes, Cleveland has some interest in injured St. Louis starter Mark Mulder. There are several teams seeking out his services, but the fact that Cleveland is in the mix may give us all a picture of what may be happening behind the scenes. If Cleveland keeps Byrd and Westbrook, as well as Lee and Sabathia, the signing of Mulder, or even the desire to sign Mulder may be showing the Tribe's hand a bit. It makes you wonder if Shapiro may have a deal lined up, IF he can acquire another starter. Mulder is a huge risk, and hasn't been right since Oakland. But you right that ship, and you have a top end starter. As it stands, if they signed Mulder and things stayed as is, you have one of the best #5 guys in the league, or, you give him the rest until the Tribe makes a move once the season starts. Either way, interesting stuff.

There have been some rumors about Cleveland trading Jake Westbrook to the Cubs for Jacque Jones. Don't believe it, because it will never happen.

Talk with Keith Foulke has apparently broken down, and Foulke may be looking to NOW goto arbitration with the Red Sox. Good to see the Red Sox getting screwed in their gamble to acquire draft picks. I'm not sure if Foulke and the Indians are done talking yet, but with Cleveland focusing on Borowski, Dotel and Gagne, Foulke talk may be over.

More tomorrow!

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