Sunday, March 18, 2007

Eye On The Tribe

The Tribe has had some interesting developments over the past few weeks in Winter Haven. I will admit, after the offseason, it was hard to get into the humdrum of spring. After watching all the games I have DVRed over the past couple of days, I have a couple of thoughts, on a couple of players.

The Stud: Adam Miller is going to be good, and with this club soon. He's been solid this spring, with an ERA of 0, in two starts and three appearances. He hasn't exactly dominated, but he's definately looked good. It's going to be hard for the Tribe brass to keep him in the minors. I hope he spends most of the year down on the farm, but if there are any more injury issues with the starters, look for Miller to be the next man up.

Why Get Nixon and Dellucci again? The surprise of the spring has to be the play of Ben Francisco and Franklin Gutierrez. Both are batting well over .300, and are playing nearly flawless in the outfield. Francisco has been showcasing some power as well. This does a couple of things: It give the Tribe plenty of trading power. No, these guys aren't going to bring superstars, but they might bring parts that we need if they get dealt. It also give us Nixon insurance. If ANY of the outfielders get hurt, we've got the parts in Buffalo to fill the needs. The outfield looks strong, and I haven't even mentioned Trevor Crowe yet. Poor Trevor won't be seeing the outfield in Cleveland any time soon.

THIS is why we got Dellucci and Michaels. Could we see one or both of these guys as the regular outfield?...

More on this tomorrow. I had a much longer post, but it disappeared. I have been having blogger issues, and I keep forgetting to save my posts before publishing them. When I hit the Publish button, nearly my entire post disappears. Frustrating...

should be fixed by tomorrow. Will see you all then. Check my labels for just a bit of what I talked about.

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