Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pavano dealt to division rival

The Cleveland Indians continued their major upheaval yesterday when they dealt Carl Pavano to the Minnesota Twins for another one of those players to be named later.

Pavano had started 21 games for the Tribe, going 9-8 in those starts (matching his 4-year win total with the Yankees), with a 5.37 ERA. Pavano struck out 88 and walked only 23 in 125 2/3 innings this year. He was the last remaining member of the Tribe staff with a clear shot at winning 10 games on the season. The next most wins on the roster. He was also scheduled to make a boatload more money with tonight's start with the Indians, had he made it.

Pavano was placed on waivers earlier this week and claimed by the Twins, and the Indians quickly worked out a deal with their division rival. To replace Pavano's roster slot, the Indians recalled Rafael Perez from triple A Columbus for his third stint with the Tribe.

Justin Masterson, who was acquired by the Tribe last week in a trade deadline deal involving Victor Martinez, will take over Pavano's slot in the rotation tonight against the White Sox. Masterson, who many thought wouldn't be starting for the Tribe until September, will be on a short leash tonight, taking the mound with a 60-65 pitch count. Likewise, Pavano will be on the hill against the Tigers tonight.

As for the player to be named, you know the drill. The Indians will have until September 1 to choose a player off a list that the Twins and Indians have been working on all week. Many are speculating that it's going to be a pedestrian player, but I'd be willing to bet that the Indians will get a player near the top five in the Twins organization. Shapiro has made a killing off deals like this, and I have no doubt he's done it again. It's about the only thing he's good at.

Pavano certainly wasn't a need on this current team, and dealing makes nothing but good future sense in a year that has made no sense at all.

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