Monday, November 23, 2009

Adios Amigo: Omar Vizquel and the Chicago White Sox conspiracy

In the land of "bring back all the players from the 90's," isn't it apropos that Omar Vizquel would spurn the Indians for the Chicago White Sox? After all, it was the Chicago White Sox that posed the biggest threat to the Indians in that strange world that saw the Indians win title after title in the 90's. It was the Chicago White Sox that lured Albert Belle away from the Indians in 1996. Don't think that we didn't see the great Herb Perry show up on the White Sox roster in 2000. Even Sandy Alomar, the blast from the 90's past that the Cleveland Indians just hired to be their first base coach/coaching instructor ended up in Chicago in 2001.

The perpetration continued today when the Chicago White Sox signed the 42-year-old former Tribe shortstop Omar Vizquel to a one year deal to the tune of $1,375,000 for one year. It will likely be Vizquel's last season.

Let's be honest here, the Indians weren't really going to sign the future hall-of-famer, were they? The move really didn't make much sense to any involved, especially when you consider the White Sox conspiracy. Vizquel and the White Sox threw off the Indians five years ago after they allowed the host of Omar y Amigos to bolt. Vizquel nearly signed with the faux-Indians before signing a deal with the San Francisco Giants. Little did we know it was Vizquel trying to throw the Indians off the trail.

Here we are, five years later.

Would Vizquel have helped the Indians? Forget all the business about how he doesn't fit the mold of the a right-handed hitter to spell Valbuena. We get that, but you wouldn't be bringing Omar in to bat against right-handers. The Tribe brass would hopefully bring in Omar because of the effect he would have on the young infielders in Valbuena and his apprentice, Asdrubal Cabrera. I can't tell you how many times I watched Vizquel from my club seats while he was in the dugout playing wall ball every day during pregame. He lived the game, loved the game and played the game with some sort of passion that you just don't see much anymore. The city of Cleveland loved him, and he would do nothing but make a team better. You can number it all you want, but at the end of the day, Vizquel makes the team better.

Leave it to the Vizquel and their 90's Tribe conspiracy to ruin it all. They've even brainwashed Vizquel into believing that the Indians aren't "high profile" enough to help Vizquel get into the hall-of-fame. Vizquel allegedly told his agent Andy Katz that the White Sox were the higher priority. Is it for the hall-of-fame? Did they use washboards on Vizquel until he said yes? Was this a plan in the making for the past five years?

Good luck Omar, and we're looking forward to seeing your final visits to Progressive Field in 2010, conspiracy or not.

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