Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Orlando Hudson rumors persist

MLB.com's Bill Ladson really wants the world to believe that the Indians are going after Orlando Hudson. Ladson said that the Indians, Rockies and another AL team (not the Twins) were in play. Of course, utilizing quality journalism, he followed that post stating that Hudson "wants to sign with [the Nats] real bad." He then continued his idiocy with, "Orlando Hudson appears unwilling to play for the Nats at a discount, according to the source. We'll see."

The only downside to signing Hudson would be the roadblock it would put on Luis Valbuena's career as a starter. Still, Valbuena would then move into the utility role, and would solve one of several problems the Indians have entering the 2010 season. Still, if $3 million is what teams are talking about with regards, it would seem that the Indians would be out of the market. Still, that would be a relative bargain for a player who made the all-star team last season.

Ladson seems to be throwing out everything to see what sticks, so he's likely just an amplifier for Hudson, who's trying to build up some money. Still, it would make things at least a bit interesting, and would give fans some sort of mirage that the Indians might be trying to win.

Of course, you do have to ask, does Orlando Hudson pitch?

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