Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Cavs Fourth of July fireworks are just smashing...

In the land of Deron Williams and Dwight Howard discussions, the Cleveland Cavaliers have their own big fish, ready to put in the frying pan. That's right folks the Cleveland Cavaliers have landed...Luke Harangody.

Harangody, a forward out of Notre Dame, has played parts of two seasons with the Boston Celtics and our very own Cavs.

Harangody was a second round pick by the Celtics prior to the 2010 season after averaging nearly 20 points and ten boards a game for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. His extreme talent led the Celtics to not only snag him with a premium second round pick, but they then dealt him to the Cavs for a 2013 second round pick...and included Semih Erden as well.

This kid is clearly Prime Stock that the Cavaliers haven't seen enough of yet to gauge his hidden talents, and he signed his qualifying offer of $1.1 million to stay with the team in the 2012/2013 season. There was a large parade and fireworks tonight, celebrating the signing.

Even more speculation has the Cavs going after former three-time all-star guard, Brandon Roy. Roy is definitely an interesting candidate for the Cavs to discuss, as the 6'6" shooting guard is exactly the type of player they need.

What's the catch with Roy?

I love the thought of Brandon Roy playing with the Cavs. He's a career 19/4/4 guy, who was an all-star at his best, and injury prone at his worst. He retired because of chronic knee problems, and would likely find his perfect home in Cleveland, as a mentor to some of the young guys. He wouldn't have to play 30+ minutes, and can maximize his abilities, if he still has them.

That's the big question going forward with a guy like Roy. He's only 27-years-old, and if his knees are healed, he should be about to enter the prime of his career. That's a big if though, but one worth at least exploring. Of course, the Cavs won't be the other team calling, as Golden State, Minnesota, Chicago will come calling, and don't count out the Mavericks, who just likely lost Jason Terry, and of course, Deron Williams.

Where does that place the Cavs? It all depends on the money, and the physical, but you have to imagine that the market may be too competitive for the Cavs to be able to make an offer that will fit within the salary cap as they look to make their finals moves to shape their team during the 2013 offseason, or potentially at this season's trade deadline.

The Cavs have also made an offer to Alexey Shved, a 23-year-old 6'6" combo guard with whom I know not a whole lot about. I've seen some brief video here and there, and he seems to shoot fairly well off the dribble, works well without the ball, has some nice ball-handling skills, and has some serious ups. Now, the competition of course is sketchy at best, and I've not seen him play a lick of defense.

So what does that mean? Well, he has also received offers from Minnesota and Memphis, and he'll be coming to check out all three cities next week. Who he picks is beyond me. The Cavs were also involved in potentially signing Mirza Teletovic, a 6'9" Bosnian power forward, before he supposedly accepted a mini-mid-level exception with the all-the-sudden-haughty Brooklyn Nets this afternoon. My guess is that the Cavs will be left in the lurch with regards to Shved as well.

He'd ultimately be an asset for the team though, as he clearly has the offensive props to back-up Irving, and enough off-the-ball skill to help supplement the two guard position when needed.

Either way, the Cavs had to think outside the box, and instead of targeting big name players, went after the Harangody's, Roy's and Shved's of the world. Wow...I wonder if those three names HAVE EVER been said in the same sentence before...

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