Friday, November 10, 2006

Cleveland INDIANS Summer continues

Mr. Clear, wait, what is that again?  Flaxseed oil?  Baby lotion?  KY Jelly?  NICE!What are the implications of Gary Sheffield being traded to the Tigers? The first thoughts are how good they are going to be with that bat. Then you remember that Sheff is going to be 38 years old, had injury issues last year, isn't the best clubhouse guy (I don't CARE what kind of spin is given on Sheff) and is probably a year away from complaining about the new 2 year extension he signed. He is a tremendous offensive player, however, and in the DH role, he could really make things tough for the Tribe this year.

This does, however, mean that the Tigers are off the board for the guy that I hope Cleveland gets: Carlos Lee.

The Yankees also acquired three very good young relievers in right-handers Humberto Sanchez, Kevin Whelan and Anthony Claggett. Of course...if they don't play this year, they'll more than likely get dealt for other parts next July.

ouch, I just pulled my... The more intriguing decision to me is that of J.D. Drew. Drew would have made 11 million a year over the last three years of that deal. It does beg the question, "What the hell are you thinking?" Drew will not command that kind of money on the free agent market, IMO. He must really hate L.A. Anyways, The LA Times immediately mentioned Cleveland as a potential suitor for the much-injured 30 year old. He would certainly be an intriguing player, as he can play a multitude of positions, including all three outfield positions, as well as 1B. He does, however, have a long history of getting hurt.

Bye NomahWhat are the implications for Cleveland? Yes, it does put another quality outfielder in the free agent market, but certainly not one that is worth the 55-60 million dollars over 5 years that he's most definately going to be asking for. It also opens up 11 million dollars for the Dodgers, which could mean that Nomar is off the block. Either that, or Carlos Lee has a new suitor. Either way, it certainly has complicated the life of Mark Shapiro...and us Indians fans.

Welcome to the YankeeSoxIt appears as though the Boston Red Sox have earned the right to attempt to sign Japanese star, Daisuke Matsuzaka. Get this, Boston has been rumored to have given the Seibu Lions up to 38-45 million dollars. Now, that money gives you the opportunity to try and sign a player. They aren't even guaranteed of a deal. I pretty much knew this for the past few years, but the Red Sox are just another version of the freakin' Yankees. Just a couple of days ago, most teams were talking about how this guy would get a bid between 10-15 million from the low market teams, with the Yankees driving up the price to perhaps 20 million. Texas was rumored to have thought they had the inside track. They had offered up 22 million (thinking they would sneak past the top offers of the Yankees and YankeeSox), with the intention of signing him to a 5 year, 50 million dollar deal. Who would have thought that the YankeeSox would outbid them, by perhaps 20 million dollars. What a joke.

So what have we learned?

1. Detroit may have improved, or may have mortgaged away any semblence of order that they had (this is when I predict Detroit fan to start screaming about Leyland having worked with Sheff before).

2. LA May or may not sign Nomar, Carlos, both, or Aramiz Ramirez, who hasn't been talked about.

3. JD Drew may be in an Indians uniform this coming year, although it would more than likely be in a hospital.

4. The Boston YankeeSox are just a bunch of Yankee wanna bes, and doing a good job of it.

5. This is fun again, isn't it?

6. Could Carl Crawford be the surprise that Shapiro alluded too?

On a side note, happy Veteran's day to all those that have served that read the DOJO. Thanks for keeping this country safe.

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