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Homer heroes Grady Sizemore and Andy Marte AP-Brian KerseyWhat will run out first? The Tribe's offensive exposive extravaganza, or the POJO Dojo's complex headlines, combinining Tribe with unique words starting with E?

I hope I have to start getting creative.

The Tribe bats are on fire right now. This is no fluke. In the second inning, Jhonny Peralta rips an RBI triple, followed by Josh Barfield's RBI single, followed by Andy Marte's 2-run smash, to give the Indians a 4-3 lead (Thome hit a 3-run dinger in the first inning). Pssst. Here's a little secret for you. That's the bottom of the order...7-8-9. Pssst. Yeah, they are that good.

In the fourth inning, VMart comes in with an RBI single to make the score 5-3. VMart went 4-4. In the sixth inning, VMart hit an RBI single to make the score 7-6, Chicago. Westbrook had given up another dinger to Iguchi, and a 2-run single by Joe Crede. I'ts good to see his bat hot.

Grady Sizemore hit his 2nd homer in as many games in the seventh, that gave the Tribe the lead for good.

Grady went 2 for 6 with the game winner.

Trotter went 2-5 with 2 doubles and a walk.

Pronk went 1-2 with a double and get this, 4 walks. Now, please understand that 2 of these walks were intentional. Yeah, you read that right. Intentional walks to GET TO VICTOR MARTINEZ. Hang on a second...........


Hafner was intentionally walked in the 4th (VMart RBI single) and the 9th. Let me tell you this folks. If Pronk keeps getting intentionally walked, Cleveland's going to win a bunch of games.

Dellucci went 1-4 with a double.

Peralta and Barfield both went 1-5, and Marte went 1-4. Talk about big hits.

Guess what. Martinez' two RBI came with 2 outs. Sizemore's 2-run dinger came with 2 outs. I don't need to tell you how important that is 2 DAYS IN A ROW DO I. A team that makes clutch hits, is clutch. Another important little tidbit is that Cleveland managed 10 walks today. You put together 2-run RBI, with a patient team at the plate, and you have a whole BUNCH of trouble for other teams.

You also have to like the way the end of the order is shaping up. Peralta, who resembles our favorite Vizquel replacement, Barfield (YES!) and Marte's power could be devastating to the AL. And what about Trotter? Look, I've been a harsh opponant of signing him, and it's only been two games, but dare I say that Trot is the spark right now. If you've seen a game, you know what I mean.

Jason Michaels makes a falling catch to save the game for Joe Borowski AP-Brian KerseyAs good as the hitting was, HOW ABOUT THE EARLY LOOK AT THE BULLPEN? Westbrook obviously struggled. But look what happened after he left. Tom Mastny came in in the sixth inning, and promptly got Iguchi to pop out, and Uribe to ground out. In came Aaron Fultz, who got Podsednik to fly out, ending the inning, led off the seventh by walking Darin Erstad, but got Thome to hit into a fielder's choice. Enter Rafael Betancourt, Who got Konerko to ground out. Walked Jermaine Dye, putting Dye on first, and Thome on second. Then promptly struck out Joe Crede, to end the inning. Enter the old man, Roberto Hernandez. Things started off rough, as AJ Pierzinski led off with a double. Then the old man got Iguchi to pop up a bunt attempt to first base for an out, got Alex Cintron to pop out to Barfield, and Pods again popped out to end the inning.

In the ninth, in came Bob Wickman. Well, it really was Joe Borowski, but man did it feel like Wickman. Borowski walked Erstad to start the inning. Thome was up, and Borowski came up with a HUGE K. I was ready to bet my house on a Thome dinger. Erstad then stole second. Konerko walked. Then Big Joe struck out Jermaine Dye. Up came Joe Crede. I envisioned a bomb to straight-away center. What I got, however was a bomb from Joe Crede to left field. Michaels made the catch, falling to the ground, to end the game.

So in the end, what do we get from the bullpen today? 4 IP, 1 Hit (yeah, I said only 1), 0 runs and 4 walks (in honor of Bob). Aside from the walks, it was utter brilliance. Fultz got the win. Betancourt and Hernandez both got holds. Borowski rolled with his first Indian save.

Defense anyone? Okay, you had to see Jason Michaels' catch to appreciate it. Wedge gets props for this, as Michaels had just entered the game to pinch hit. Barfield had an error today, but it cost the Indians nothing. Heck, even VMart threw out a runner. He was 1 for 3, as Darin Erstad had 2 today.

Overall, another nice game for Cleveland, although Westbrook struggled. The key for Westbrook may have been the weather. It was very typical Chicago weather. 32 degrees, and windy.

What more do I have to say, other than keep it up. Let's hope game one and game two are season long trends!

Eddie Robinson died today, one of the immortal coaches. RIP coach Eddie. What you did for sports is at least the equal to Jackie Robinson. Know Dat.

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