Friday, July 31, 2009

Blue Light Special at V-Mart

There's not much to mention on the V-Mart front, other than the fact that there has been a surprising silence since early this morning. The Rays apparently dropped out of talks with the Indians when Cliff Lee left the building. There were rumors that the Rays were willing to open up the coffers a bit to get both Lee and Martinez. V-Mart alone isn't nearly as enticing. The Red Sox have already apparently turned down a one-for-one deal that would have given the Indians Clay Buchholz. If they won't deal Buchholz, who has yet to find much success in the majors with any consistency, then I can't see a deal being made. The Mets also seem to be in the mix, especially with Omar Minaya under the gun. A deal for V-Mart could right the ship a bit for the bewildered GM. There are supposedly a few other teams knocking on the Indians door, but as of right now, nothing appears serious or imminent. As for the Indians...

I can't wait until 2011, can you? That's supposedly when the Indians will catch wind in the Mark Shapiro rebuild 2.0. Can't you feel it Cleveland? Grady Sizemore will be firmly in his prime, and about to play in his contract year. Matt LaPorta will be dominating the majors with his power. Michael Brantley will be making everyone forget about Kenny Lofton in the outfield, leading off and stealing bases at will. Carlos Santana will be busy playing the guitar, and becoming the next great catcher in the majors. Hector Rondon, Carlos Carrasco and David Huff will be three of the top starters in the majors. Jason Knapp will be knocking on the door as the top pitching prospect in baseball. Luis Valbuena and Asdrubal Cabrera will have developed into to top middle infield tandem in baseball. Andy Marte will be attempting to top 40 homers for the second season in a row.

Just close your eyes, you can almost see it, can't you?

Of course, for most of you, I had you at Grady Sizemore about to enter his contract year. Sure, he'll be in his prime alright. He'll be prime pickings for Shapiro to dump him for several prospects that will allow the Indians to spin perennially into the abyss of rebuilds that will likely occur under the constraints of the Dolans and the economic marketplace.

Will there ever be lightning in a bottle for this team? Maybe, but I know it's getting less and less fun waiting for it to happen.

More on the VMart watch tomorrow...

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