Friday, July 31, 2009

Victor Martinez leaves "his house"

Roll this one off of your tongue a couple of times: Victor Martinez was traded to the Boston Red Sox. Who the Indians got in return is nearly secondary, but for the record, the Indians brought in three more fireballers to add to their system. The 6'6", 250 lb, 24-year old Justin Masterson is the anchor to this trade for the Tribe, having spent the past two seasons mostly in the back-end of the Red Sox pen. Along with Masterson, the Tribe received two top-ten pitching prospects from the Sox in lefty Nick Hagadone and righty Bryan Price.

Who cares.

Anthony Castrovince reported earlier today that V-Mart spent the afternoon crying in front of his locker. I can't deny feeling the same way that he does.
I've followed this team since birth, and had to live through the teams of the 70's and 80's to get to the 90's. Now the thought of any amount of longevity with regards to losing is nearly too damn painful to even think about. The Indians have shed every noteworthy player on their team. Grady Sizemore remains, but you have to wonder what in the hell he is thinking at this point. Nice sales pitch to Grady, don't you think. "Don't worry Grady, stick it out,and we just might have a winner a couple years from now...maybe."
So now this team is an unknown commodity. There doesn't appear to be any hope for 2010, unless a slew of prospects can somehow surprise the hell out of the American League. Don't count on it. Perhaps 2011 is the year this team rebounds, but don't hold your breath.

Trust me...I haven't barely taken a breath in 37 years waiting...

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