Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Tribe Final Four?

Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinals
The Indians and Mark Shapiro are currently focusing their search efforts on four candidates to take over for former manager Eric Wedge: Manny Acta, Bobby Valentine, Torey Lovullo and Don Mattingly. Each truly poses interesting questions.

Acta was fired by the worst baseball team in the league last season. Is he a worthwhile candidate who is motived by the "Saber" side of the game, or is he scrap from a team full of, well, no potential.

Valentine is known to be popular in both the clubhouse and the media, although he rubs every front office the wrong way whereever he's gone. Is this guy the motivator that many have given him credit for, or is he just a guy who can get a couple of good years out of his club before wearing his welcome thin?

Lovullo knows every single minor league player on this club, having coached them at one point or another during his previous seasons in the Tribe's minor league system. So, do we want another Eric Wedge or what? I almost feel bad for the guy.

Mattingly, who carries many of the same traits as Eric Wedge (aside the fact he was a tremendous player), would bring the Torre book to the Indians. Of course, the Yankees thought so much of him, that they stepped over him when Torre stepped down. Like Lovullo, he's never managed a game, and do we need a guy similar to Wedge who has never managed a game? Sounds a bit like Lovullo, doesn't it.

Shapiro has also been rambling on about a couple of more candidates that he may bring into the process. I'm not sure if this is someone currently coaching in the playoffs (like Mattingly), or if Shapiro just has to keep his hand shrouded in mystery. I'd bet on the latter, as Shapiro has taken this "secrecy" business to a whole new level.

It appears as though Travis Fryman and Mike Hargrove are out of the running, although both appear to be in the running for coaching jobs with the Tribe after the top post is filled.

It should be an interesting ride...

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