Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who's the next Tribe Skipper?

With John Farrell out of the picture, is there really a manager candidate that sets anyone on fire? Did Farrell set anyone on fire, for that matter. Remember, he hasn't ever managed before, and his previous staffs in Boston happen to be some of the best pitchers money can buy.

Bobby Valentine likely heads the list, and does bring some serious cred to the job, but is almost more known for his antics than his managing. Is he prepared to build a team, which he has been proven to have done in the past, or is he at an age where winning now is a premium? He has declined to talk about the job, which usually means he's in play. Mike Hargrove would also fit in this list, and wants to bookend his managing career with another gig in Cleveland, but Grover also brings several questions, least of which is the fact that he quit in Seattle. Ned Yost, Clint Hurdle, and Manny Acta are also managers from other clubs that might get a look, even though they've been recently canned from their prior job.

Minor League skippers Torey Lovullo of the Clippers and Travis Fryman of the Scrappers should also get looks at the head job, buy may either not be ready, or not far enough from Wedge for anyone's liking...Luvullo in particular. Fryman might be the fresh face the team needs, but brings several questions to the table with regards to readiness.

Of course, Tribe fans are in the dark because of the Shapiro Death-Squad mentality and super-secret...well...secrets.

More on this over the next several days, as the rumors continue to swirl in Tribeland...

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