Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Westbrook continues rehab with mixed results

Jake Westbrook's third start in his winter league rehab assignment was a struggle, as the righty went 3 2/3 innings, giving up five hits and three walks, while striking out one and giving up three runs.

It's all relative with regards to Westbrook, as long as he continues to pitch pain free. Westbrook is likely not necesarily looking at results, as opposed to rebuilding arm strength and continuing to test his pitches. Of his eleven outs, seven were ground balls, suggesting he was able to keep his pitches down. Of course giving up five hits and three walks in less than four innings doesn't help the cause.

With Paul Cousineau noting the soaring prices of decrepit starting pitchers, it's imperative that Jake Westbrook not only continues to improve, but continues to get people out. The Indians rotation will be rife with under-proven and under-whelming options, and Westbrook, who may fit into the latter category, needs to find the pitcher he was during his dominant spring of 2008, prior to his injury. If he does, the Indians at least have a servicable ace. If he doesn't, the Indians may struggle to find a starter that can manage 10+ wins.

Ahhh, the winter meetings, and the only thing we have to talk about is a cruddy winter-league stint by Jake Westbrook.

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