Saturday, October 7, 2006

The Demise of the Yankees


Oh, I can't wait to hear it!

"So what, we have won 26 championships, how many have you won?"

or how about this one...

"At least we MADE the playoffs!"

That's right, here it comes folks. What's becoming an annual event, is about to start again. The Yankee fans, who handly losing as well as they handle winning (poorly), are lining up their quotes as we speak.

"It's the best franchise in the world, so what if we lost this year."

"Steinbrenner will clean house, and raise the payroll to 300 millions."

"That's okay, we'll just trade for your players."

"Yeah, well, what did your team do."

It's one of the best times of the year. You don't even CARE what the Yankee fan says, because you know it's coming. The same fans that all year talk about 'what have you done for me lately' (See ARod, or any of the players that haven't actually won a title with the well as the ones that have...but of course, not in six years) all the sudden start talking about what they did all those years ago.

"It's a conspiracy! Bud Selig doesn't WANT the Yankees to win it, so he rigged the games!"

"Freakin' Umpires!"

For the past month, ESPN had virtually assured the world that all was well in Yankee land. ARod was hitting again, and looked less like Chuck Knoblach in the infield, and more like, well, ARod. The Big Unit's back ailments were finally healing. The staff was maybe not the best, but certainly was the deepest. With Sheffield and Matsui back, their offense would average 10 a game. And hell...THEY ARE THE YANKEES!

"We are still the best team, we just weren't healthy, so screw you."

"Shut your damn pie hole. I SAID SHUT YOUR DAMN PIE HOLE!"

Well, ARod batted .070, the Big Unit's back acted up again, the Yankees age and fringe pitchers pitced like old, fringe players, and the YANKEES WERE SHUTOUT BY KENNY 'THE GAMBLER' ROGERS and no-hit for five innings today by Jeremy Bonderman. Yes, folks, once again, this Yankee team was overrated, and once again, their 250 odd million in payroll got them to the exact same place as our Cleveland Indians...making tee times long before the world series is set.

"No...they lost? NO...THEY LOST? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

So goodbye Yankees, and good freakin' riddance.

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