Tuesday, October 10, 2006

MLB Playoffs: The POJO Take

Oh, everyone's going to get all technical, and break it down by position, offense, defense, ownership, manager...blah...blah...blah. So often, these playoffs are created by a ball bouncing one way or the other, or someone hot, or a manager that's just off the charts. So I'm going with gut. Analyzing is pointless, because these 4 teams really aren't that far apart:

The ALCS: Detroit vs. Oakland

I see two teams with similar Starters. I see Detroit with slightly better offense, but not off the chart better. Detroit is hotter than a firecracker after rolling over the Yankees. Of course, Oakland made equally short work of Minnesota, and beat Johan Santana to boot. So, what's the bottom line here? Two people. The first being Ivan Rodriguez. He not only wasn't finished after Texas, but has undoubtebly solidified his hall of fame credentials. He has masterfully handled the Tiger pitching staff, and has this team playing very well. He's no doubt the leader on this team. Then you have Jim Leyland. JIM LEYLAND IS THE BEST MANAGER IN BASEBALL. Hopefully this job will LOCK THAT IN PLACE. So many people think this guy is good because of Barry Bonds and the Marlin spending spree. It's not. He's just damn good.

I like Oakland a lot, and could talk for days about their staff, and moxie, but I really see Detroit rolling through this series rather quickly...perhaps 5 games, no later than 6.


St. Louis vs. New York

I hate this series. I am absolutely sick of St. Louis. I'm sick of hearing how great Albert Pujols is, and how great Tony LaRussa is. WHO CARES. They aren't good enough. Yeah, Pujols is the best player in the series, and Carpenter is probably the best pitcher...but the Mets are going to win this. Why? I really have no idea. I'm going with the overall sticks in New York. I figure the Cardinals' pitching staff will continue to stink, and the Mets' staff already stinks...but they've been fighting through it all year. The Mets are scrappy, and do have offensive firepower. Pujols COULD win this damn thing by himself with a big swat, but I don't think so. I suspect St. Louis will find Pujols getting walked an awful lot. New York wins this in 7. Yeah, not very statistical, but I don't give a flying rat's ass.


You know, I wished this commentary ended here, but it doesn't. St. Louis is freakin' St. Louis. It's baseball town, everyone LLLOOOOOVVVVEEEESSSSS freakin' St. Louis. I've been there, and I get it. I say who cares. They might as well be the freakin' Yankees Midwest. The hell with the Cardinals. The Mets are the Mets. They have the money to be the Yankees little brothers, even hiring Randolph as their manager...a good move. But you look at Oakland and at Detroit, and my blood really gets boiling. Detroit has been the freakin' bottom feeder...losing, I think, 1,000 games a couple of years ago. They resembled our current Tribe very much. Great young starting pitching, a mix of Vets and young position players. Building for the future. They have a bit more money, yes, but there's no way that team should bounce ahead of Cleveland. They spend money for a guy like Pudge, which was brilliant, and take a chance on Kenny Rogers, and he carries that damn team and staff to the freakin' precipice of the World Series. Way to go Dolan, you piece of...you...screw it. Then you have Oakland. They are frugal. They let go of people and grab guys to recycle every year. And every year, there they are at the end. No rebuilding, just reloading, and in a baseball way, not the Evil Empire way. The Tribe? Who knows IF WE'LL EVER get into the freakin' playoffs again...with Dolan running this team. And to Eric Wedge. You suck.

Thank you for your support...talk to you soon...

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