Friday, October 6, 2006

Where Have You Gone Dick Jacobs?

Do you remember the days from year's past? You remember those days, when we'd run and grab the newspaper looking for the deal to get us to the World Series. It started with some name guys who were older, El Presidente, Eddie Murray and Orel Hershiser. We grooved into some Tony Pena and Dave Winfield. They were past their prime, but brought the Cleveland Indians veteran leadership and clubhouse respect. We dealt for Julio again, brought in Jeff Kent and Jack McDowell. We signed Matt Williams to a big deal. We traded for Marquis Grissom and David Justice and snagged Tony Fernandez. We brought back Kenny Lofton and dealt for Travis Fryman. We even had Dwight Gooden for a bit. We took a gamble on Juan Gonzalez when he was still good.

No, those guys didn't always pay off, but they brought respect, and a winning attitude to a team that was knocking on the door of a World Series. You combine that with the homegrown talent, and you get yourself a run of division titles.


Now, we're left with the empty promises of the freakin' Dolans. What was it, two years ago when we were promised with big free agent signings that would carry us over the top? Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc.

What we're left with now are a bunch of young guys that are surely talented, but can't seem to find the clubhouse presence to win the big games...which left us out of the playoffs last year...and a lost cause this year.

Who have we spent our money on? Well, we haven't spent our money on key componants that made the Tribe contenders last year, and brought in, well, PAUL Byrd?????

You are getting my point. Dolan is an idiot, and as long as he's throwing around empty promises, this club, the Cleveland Indians, won't win, and certainly won't draw. We have a hell of a talent base, in the pitching staff, as well as our starting lineup. WE have guys that will have other teams hammering on the door of free agency in a few years. We have a group that with some added talent, would have made a push and been in the playoffs this year. There would have been more fans at the Jake.

Of course, that's to much to ask for.

So, Dolan has said this year he's not going to sit pat. He's going to make the moves we need to make to put us over the top. What's that mean in "Dolan Speak?"


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