Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good Luck Adam Miller

Adam Miller is a prodigious talent.  The 6'4" right-hander has tantalized Indians' fans since we all first found out about his blazing, 97 MPH fastball.  According to Head Tribe Trainer Lonnie Soloff, Miller will likely have season-ending surgery on the middle-finger that has plagued him over the past two seasons.  The biggest fear is that Miller's surgery to the finger on his throwing hand could be career-threatening.

Surgery on tendons in fingers often require a second and even third surgery to help remove scar tissue that develops.  On top of the oft-needed repeat operations, the initial procedure isn't a lock to return mobility to the finger that has kept him from returning to his top-prospect form.  These are a lot of questions that won't be answered for the next six months to a year...if ever.

The hope is that Miller's surgery is a success for his long-term health.  The best case scenario is that 12 months from now, Miller will be wearing a baseball uniform, trying to regain the arm-strength he lost during rehab.  We here at Bringing Back Boudreau wish Adam the best in his rehabilitation.  Too often we see a kid with talent, and just see the numbers.  With Miller, it was #1 (prospect, starter, closer), 97 (MPH fastball) or 9.2 (K's per 9 innings).  Too often we're counting surgeries, or how many times a guy's been shut down, and forgetting that there's a 25-year-old kid behind all those digits.

Let's just hope that the most important digit, Miller's middle finger, responds to a difficult surgery and recovery. 

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