Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tribe woes continue with 7-1 loss to Twins

The Minnesota Twins dominated every part of the game against the Indians on Saturday night, as they beat the Tribe 7-1 in another offensive letdown.

So much for Carl Pavano turning some sort of post-Yankees corner.  He gave up 11 hits in five innings, and left the game having given up five runs.  It wasn't a horrid start.  Nine of the 11 hits were singles, and a few of them were of the light-variety that the 90's Tribe infield likely either would have made a play on, or would have made it more interesting.  Still, there was really nothing to the start.  He's a guy that's obviously supposed to swallow up innings.  Gee thanks Carl for those five innings you pitched.  Thanks a lot.

I'd like to say I have faith in the Tribe front office to bring up David Huff sometime soon, and cut their ties with this guy, but they won't.  I'm sure they'll do something even more idiotic, like bring back Scott Lewis, and send Aaron Laffey back down.  Hey, didn't Zach Jackson start at some point?  Oh yeah, he can't start or relieve anymore.  Maybe they can use him for batting practice, or perhaps he can play short.

Well, the offense has now been shut down by Brian Bannister, Nick Blackburn and Kevin Slowey in three out of four nights.  Do I really need to say any more about that?  Sure, Bannister and Blackburn have a history of beating up the Indians, but should they?  Then you top it off with Kevin Slowey, and you really have to scratch your head.  Cleveland had nine hits, and struck out eight times.  Four of those nine hits came in the ninth inning, after the Indians were already down 7-0.  Seven of the total hits came from three players, Victor Martinez (3), Shin-Soo Choo (2) and Travis Hafner (2).  Slowey ended up going eight innings, giving up eight hits and only one run, while he struck out seven.  So, just to make sure we have it straight:  Yankees Stadium makes the Indians look like murderer's row.  Young, quality right-handed starters, who are struggling or have just been called up from triple A make the Indians look like they swing a feather.  Nice...

Rafael Perez made an appearance tonight after his disastrous start, and only gave up a hit in an inning of shutout ball.  Sure, he was down 5-0 when he came into the game, but it's also much better than giving up four or five more runs.  Joe Smith threw two innings of shutout ball after Perez.  It's something...not much...but something.

That said, Masa Kobayashi gave up two gopher balls.  Two words...No Masa.  Hey, what happened to Zach Jackson...oh yeah...he's suspended in no-man's land.

The Indians best starter is on the hill tomorrow night, when Aaron Laffey makes his third start (yeah, I said that with a straight face).  He's facing off against Glen Perkins.  Perkins is only a career 1-0 against the Indians, with a 4.76 ERA.  So, am I the only one that figures he's going to pitch like Roger Clemens on 

At least he's a lefty.

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