Monday, April 20, 2009

I hate off days

I hate off days, but the Indians have to have them.  This past weekend series has the mind working a bit, and there may need to be some changes in the mix for a Tribe team that needs to be better than 4-9 at this stage of the game.  Let's hope that the Tribe is on an upswing, and not a ride to .500...

...or worse...

  • I have to ask, what's the bigger cliche?  Is it saying that the Jorge Posada home run was bogus because of the idiot in the stands interfering with Trevor Crowe's glove, or saying that the Indians shouldn't make excuses?  Personally, I'm sick and tired of taking the gutless approach and saying the call was garbage.  It obviously changed the momentum of the game.  Could the Indians have scored more runs after that?  Sure, but to ignore the fact that there was a momentum shift based on THE WRONG CALL is just the wrong take.
  • Could Rafael Perez look any more clueless on the mound than he has thus far this season?  He was the one guy early last year that seemed to have the stuff to keep him out of a prolonged slump.  Now, he either can't find the strike zone, or is throwing up gopher balls.  It may be time to send the kid down.
  • Speaking of clueless on the hill, what about Jensen Lewis.  Remember Lewis in the spring of last year?  Neither do I, because he was horrid, and was sent down to the minors.  When he returned, he was a different pitcher.  Perhaps he needs to visit Scott Radinsky in Columbus himself.  It seemed to work last year, maybe this year as well.  Of course, when does Lewis start to figure it out on his own?
  • So, we send down Perez and Lewis, what do we have waiting in the wings in Columbus?  My personal favorite is Tony Sipp.  His most recent outing was a beautiful two-inning affair that saw him give up only two hits, while striking out four.  I think he'll be dominant in the bigs, if they bring him up right.  Jon Meloan is also a guy that can control a game.  I'd love to see both make the move up, and hold the fort.  Ultimately, Meloan, Sipp, Lewis and Perez will be the anchor of our pen.  Let's get that going now.
  • Adam Miller is struggling again with his finger.  If you are surprised by that statement, than you are brand new to the planet earth.  Welcome.  There's talk amongst the organization that he may have career-threatening surgery to repair the tendon in his finger.  Isn't his career threatened now?  I hope things work out for the power pitcher, but as of now, he should be off our list of future superstars...although that could change down the line.
  • Seriously folks, if our starting pitching doesn't work out, what do we do?
  • How long with the Tribe brass give Eric Wedge to right the ship?  Personally, if the Indians remain below .500 before the break, will he make it after?  I'm not a big fan of changing a manager in the middle of the season, so we shall see.
  • Is it just a fact that Fausto Carmona won't ever find the strike zone consistently?  Is his slider and breaking stuff just too good?  It looks that way.  Hitters have learned to sit on his straight stuff, and let his breaking stuff go out of the strike zone.
  • The Indians offense is now entering a phase when they just get it.  They are truly waiting for their pitches, and making the opposing starter really work to get outs.  If the pitching can come together, the Indians should make a run at the Series.
I know...I at the Series seems a bit far-fetched...even for me.  But hey, it's still only April...right?

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